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chi  lorenzo risolo
Our boy
Lorenzo Risolo contentoLorenzo had just turned 14 when he left us, on January the 9th 2014.

A year earlier, the disease hit him silently and cowardly. Before that, our child was a healthy and strong boy, with an extraordinary vitality.

We are going to try to tell you about the most authentic expressions of our boy, who already had an unbelievable personality for his age, which animated our lives. .

Lorenzo has always been a precocious child, and very independent, perhaps because he was the youngest of our three children. He has always managed, with his persistence, to top what he did.

He had a sparkling personality, and he was able to carry on with his passion for sports, music and kart racing..

Lorenzo Risolo e la musicaHe loved music, reading and traveling. He was just two years old when he had a tantrum to have a suitcase seen in a shop window. After a trip or a holiday, he was already thinking about the next destination. He liked to know, understand, experiment. He did his last suitcases, not for a holiday, but with the pain of leaving his beloved everyday life, to go to a hospital in Milan and finally to face a battle that should not touch anyone, least of all a teenager.

But, once again, he has proven himself of facing an experience full of unknowns, even reassuring us family members.

In Milan a chemotherapy and radiotherapy program started immediately, and they gave excellent results. Although cautiously, we began to hope that our champion would make it. In fact, for nine months there has been an apparent remission of the disease. But in Fall we got for the second terrible time, bad news: Lorenzo had to start another cycle of chemotherapy.

During that time, we had appreciated the human and professional qualities of Doctor Adele Civino and her staff. She was in charge of the pediatric oncohematology department of Tricase. There, we were able to make Lorenzo deal with the therapies close to his affections and his world.

Lorenzo Risolo al mareOnce again we told ourselves that we could not get discouraged, because Lorenzo had to stay calm. In fact, he kept on with his usual charge of optimism, and tried to heal himself without losing his smile.

Not only we, his family were impressed by his surprising serenity. Lorenzo was able to benefit from the affection and warmth of many people. First of all relatives and friends (whom we will never stop thanking) but also of paramedical and voluntary medical personnel who have made this mission a life choice. The dedication they showed in that period was fundamental for us, as, whatever the fate of a child in that situation, playing, studying and all what he is passionate about, must continue to exist. Fortunately, associations have also helped us. They gave Lorenzo the possibility to experience moments of distraction inside and outside the hospital.

Thanks to Magica Cleme he was guest of an episode at the Italian TV program Striscia la Notizia, spending some hours of absolute light-heartedness with Brumotti, Stoppa and the veline.

Fernando Alonso e Lorenzo RisoloAfter it, the association Lele for Ever invited him at the Formula One GP. This association let him spend a whole week in Monza, making him live the world of cars race, his biggest love, as a special guest. It was in those days that he met his legend: Fernando Alonso, who welcomed him into the paddock with his team.It was a dream experience! ...which gave him immense happiness.

Having directly experienced the importance of associations, we felt the duty to emulate initiatives such as these ones. We have committed ourselves to giving life, in our territory, to this association named after our Lorenzo.

Our primary goal is to offer a smile to families that find themselves in similar situations, as our was. But also we aim to be a support and reference point to these families.We are also committed to directly or indirectly, supporting any aid project to the pediatric oncohematology department of Tricase..

We had the privilege of being the parents of a boy who taught us about LIFE. . The real one. Made of unconditional happiness and also of sacrifice and suffering. As an association, our aim is to ensure that the word suffering is less and less present in young patients.

With your help, we can do it.

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