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Libro ALR

Lorenzo e Irene
The great battle against King Covid 19

Lorenzo and Irene is an interactive book illustrated by Ilaria Ambrosini and Sabrina Filieri.
It is also enriched by theatrical readings in all chapters made by the actors of the Temenos theater company.

A great and exciting adventure in which the five "little superheroes" protagonists face the fearsome King Covid-19 carrying on the great values of friendship, solidarity, inclusion and respect for the other.

It is a book in which young readers can immerse themselves and become passionate, thanks also to some features that make it interactive! It is the first time I have seen such a technological book in which the cover comes alive and each chapter can be heard thanks to the theatrical readings of talented actors.

What more can I tell you ?! Just read it, it's really worth it!
You can buy it on the web:WWW.VESEPIA.COM

For local residents:
- Squinzano: Copisteria Nonsolocopie Gianni Trevisi
- Trepuzzi: Cartoleria Geotecnica Piero Pulli

With the purchase of the book you will also help ALR - Associazione Lorenzo Risolo ODV

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