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l'associazione ALR
Who we are
January 14th 2014 and took its name from Lorenzo. It was precisely from his determination that our idea was born, with the precise will to provide concrete help to the many families who live the same situation we experienced.

This is why we decided to join the fray.Taking strength from Lorenzo’s will power, we promote and organize events, meetings, charity tournaments, and any other ideas that can offer immediate and direct support that can make children face the disease with a smile.

Our mission
mission allegria e spensieratezzaInspired by a profound spirit of revenge against the disease, we believe that the only way to keep Lorenzo's memory alive is to give the possibility to smile to those children who bravely face the disease every day.

Carrying on what Lorenzo's dreams and passions were, we give these children the opportunity to have moments of joy, letting them forget for a few hours the great pain they have to accept: this is why we organized (and continue to do it) trips, events, parties and all what can help to keep a child in his best mood and serenity.

Among the other things, we are committed to make sure that children in the hospital have books, CD-ROMs, internet connections, DVDs, board games and other cheerful material available that can provide a valid entertainment.

The goals we have achieved
    Cardinale Panico Tricase
  • Finanziamento di una Borsa di studio From 2015 to 2017 we funded assistance and research at the Hospital "G. Panico", in Tricase.

  • We funded the Oncoreum project, a study involving Italian centers AIEOP (…), and the the pediatric rheumatology study group.

  • From 2014 to today, 4 portable ultrasound scanners have been purchased, which have been donated to the Pediatric Oncohematology departments of the hospitals located in the Salento area.

  • The ALR association has installed the wi-fi internet line active in the Pediatrics and PediatricOncohematology wards of the Hospital Cardinale Panico of Tricase and takes care of its costs.

  • We provide logistic and other type of support to several families in need to travel to hospitals located in other areas, far from home.

  • Purchase of BUSCUORE:Van for transporting families in situations of local movements for outpatient visits from home to hospital and vice versa, transport to the station or airport for trips to centers outside the region, on occasion of trips aimed at distraction from therapies such as ZOOSAFARI or Nature parks..
    Both inside and outside they are designed to convey joy and serenity to children through the colors and settings they characterize BUSCUORE!

  • Operation Smile: through the commitment of many volunteers and activities aimed at the distraction of therapies, we give a smile, in hospital and outside, to face the treatment period positively.

  • In March 2020 we immediately realized that this pandemic would radically change the social, health and cultural conditions of our existence.
    In particular, it would have had a negative impact in the sector in which we operate, Pediatric Oncohematology and Pediatrics in general, motivating us to immediately add a specific project to fight COVID.
    We thus proceeded to purchase (not easy in the initial period) of masks and sanitizing gel to be distributed to families with immune-depressed children.
    In addition, we have provided information totems complete with masks, gloves and sanitizing gel to all pediatricians in the province of Lecce, including Pediatric Rheumatology and Immunology and General Pediatrics of the "Vito Fazzi" Hospital of Lecce, Pediatrics of the "Santa Caterina Novella" Hospital of Galatina, “Veris Delli Ponti” Hospital Pediatrics in Scorrano, “Sacred Heart of Jesus” Hospital Pediatrics in Gallipoli and “Cardinale Panico” Hospital Pediatrics in Tricase.
    Subsequently, when the scientific community began to trace the consequences of COVID-19 also on children's health, we had requests from Doctors for portable ultrasound scanners for non-invasive diagnosis of the consequences of COVID on the pulmonary and heart levels on children and adolescents.
    In the wake of these requests by some Medical Executives, 3 portable ultrasound scanners were donated by our Association, the first, to the ASL of Lecce at the "Vito Fazzi" Hospital in the Pediatric Immunology and Rheumatology department, the second, at the "Veris Delli Ponti" Hospital in Scorrano in the Pediatric and Neonatology ward, the third, at the "Cardinale G. Panico" hospital in the Pediatric ward.

How to become a member
Joining the ALR association is easy. Fill in and send us the application form.
For further information and details, just contact us!

Our history
The report where you can read of all our projects (present and future ones) is here

Anyone interested in viewing our records, they are available:

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