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A donation to the department of
Oncologia Pediatrica dell'Ospedale "Panico" di Tricase

Alr has managed to make an important contribution to the Pediatric Oncology department of the "Panico" hospital in Tricase.

The donation ceremony was held on September 1, 2015 at the Oncological Pediatric ward of the "Panico" Hospital in Tricase. In addition to the ALR managers, the ceremony was attended by the Hospital Management, Sister Margherita Bramati, the doctors and nurses of the ward, the volunteers who had a role active, a representation of corporate groups who, like SEA, strongly believed in the project and, finally and above all, the children under treatment and their parents .
< br> The contact persons of the ALR association dedicate this important milestone to Lorenzo Risolo , inspirer of what they call a " love machine " thanking all those who, with donations, with the work of volunteering, the professionalism and art made available to the cause, with creativity, efficiency and even with the good word spent, have contributed to achieving all this.

You can help us out now!
20mila euro Tricase
You can make a free donation through PayPal
(and major credit cards) NOW


Or you can make a free donation through a transfer , in this case the Association's IBAN code is as follows:IT15 E030 6909 6061 0000 0079 026

Funding for a study project involving Italian AIEOP centers and centers of the pediatric rheumatology study group. 63 centers nationwide joined the research.
In cura lontani da casa
Support for families forced to go to centers far from home. The aid provides for the donation or reimbursement of air and rail vouchers and immediate accommodation in suitable accommodation.
Un fiore per alr
Aid intended for families in serious economic difficulties facing the terminal part of their children's disease.
Per un sorriso in pių
Support activities for hospital volunteers who bring playful moments of fun and distraction from therapies to the hospital every day.
20mila euro Tricase
Funding of a scholarship from 2015 to 2017 dedicated to assistance and research for the "G. Panico" hospital in Tricase.
Minivan purchased by ALR for the transport of small cancer patients.

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