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In cura lontani da casa

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In cura lontani da casa

There are suitcases that you would never want to fill and that have a burden on the heart: they are the ones that many parents have to do for their children; they have inside hope, but also a lot of pain, in addition to concern for the uncertain future and the removal from other children. To these families, who leave from all Puglia in pediatric hospitals in Central and Northern Italy, we give everything that is necessary to support their fight against the disease in centers far from home: Air Tickets, Accommodation in Accommodations and Practical and economic support. The journey with FELICETTO was born from the collaboration with the Association "Healthy Bearers of Smiles", a colorful Camper equipped with every comfort and equipment for the transport of small sick people who need to travel with particular attention On board FELICETTO, with a red nose, the Clown volunteers make the "Flying House" even more cheerful as it is defined by the children themselves, and as we ourselves believe them.

The CARE AWAY FROM HOME project is all this, and the need for continuous funds, also due to the economic precariousness of many families in Southern Italy and the lack of adequate pediatric facilities. Committing ourselves to give these children more hope is our MISSION.

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Funding for a study project involving Italian AIEOP centers and centers of the pediatric rheumatology study group. 63 centers nationwide joined the research.
In cura lontani da casa
Support for families forced to go to centers far from home. The aid provides for the donation or reimbursement of air and rail vouchers and immediate accommodation in suitable accommodation.
Un fiore per alr
Aid intended for families in serious economic difficulties facing the terminal part of their children's disease.
Per un sorriso in pių
Support activities for hospital volunteers who bring playful moments of fun and distraction from therapies to the hospital every day.
20mila euro Tricase
Funding of a scholarship from 2015 to 2017 dedicated to assistance and research for the "G. Panico" hospital in Tricase.
Minivan purchased by ALR for the transport of small cancer patients.

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